Cordoba Mini SM-CE

Solid Cedar / Spalted Maple

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At first glance, the Mini SM-CE clearly stands out from other travel sized guitars, with its solid cedar top and striking spalted maple back and sides accentuated by a padauk rosette and binding. The solid cedar top provides a warm tone that’s nicely complemented by the brightness of the spalted maple, resulting in an instrument that really projects its voice. For those who want to plug and play, the Cordoba Mini SM-CE features a soft cutaway and Cordoba 2Band pickup. The hallmark of Cordoba's Mini guitars is the comfortable feel and string spacing of a full size guitar. The Mini SM-CE also includes a thin U-shaped neck outlined with padauk binding, 48mm (1.9”) nut width, and 510mm (20”) scale length. Back & Sides Wood:Spalted Maple Family:Traditional Style:Small Body Construction:Solid Top Cedar Electronics:Cordoba Active Ukulele Pickup with 2 Band EQ

  • Series : Mini
  • Top Wood : Solid Cedar
  • Back & Sides : Spalted Maple
  • Shape : U-shaped
  • Neck : neck outlined with padauk binding
  • Bridge : Rosewood
  • Nut & Saddle : Bone
  • Nut Width : 48mm (1.9”)
  • Scale Length : 510mm (20”)
  • Bridge Pin : Rosewood
  • Electric : Cordoba Active Ukulele Pickup with 2 Band EQ
  • Hard Case : Cordoba Mini Gig Bag
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