Bourgeois L-DBO The Standard

Adirondack spruce /Mahogany

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Character, Depth, and Punch in a Small Package

 Dana Bourgeois' passion for acoustic guitars was fostered by those coveted instruments built in the pre-war era. Bourgeois Guitars' mission as a company has always been to merge our love for vintage guitar tone and design with modern innovation and playability. This foundation can be heard and seen clearly in our newest guitar, the Bourgeois L-DBO. Inspired by the classic guitars that emerged from the mid-west early in the last century, the Bourgeois L-DBO brings that distinctive sound that old-time and county-blues enthusiasts love into a new era. Utilizing Bourgeois' Aged Tone torrefaction technology, this guitar combines vintage small-body character and bark with Dana's signature articulation and response. The result is a versatile instrument with tons of personality, perfect for finger-style blues, old-time accompaniment, and comfortable couch-playing. The L-DBO is offered as a model in "The Standard" series,

  • Series : The Standard
  • Top Wood : Aged Tone Adirondack Spruce
  • Back & Sides : Mahogany
  • Shape : L-DBO
  • Neck : Mahogany
  • Bridge : Ziricote
  • Fingerboard : Ziricote
  • Headplate : Mahogany
  • Nut & Saddle : Bone
  • Tuner : Waverly Nickel with Oval Ivoroid Buttons
  • Nut Width : 1
  • Scale Length : 19' 5/16
  • Bridge Pin : Bone
  • Binding : Ivoroid
  • Purlfing : Black/Ivoroid on End/Black
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